Here we’ll discuss the significance of eccentric contractions during downhill running and its contribution to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). We will also look at the effectiveness of eccentric training as part of a strength or rehabilitation training program. Most of you will be familiar with the paradoxical muscle soreness
Easy running

The Art of the Easy Run

“Well that wasn’t exactly easy” “A not-so-easy run” “Meant to be easy, but got a bit carried away” These are all phrases I’ve seen time and time again on my Twitter and Strava feeds; easy runs that turned out to be a lot harder than intended.  It’s a common occurrence.
Ice bathing for runners

Re-evaluating Ice Bathing

The goal of ice bathing is to reduce the inflammation following a workout, which is typically viewed as a means to ‘enhance’ recovery. However, just because it can be effective doesn’t mean that it should be used in all situations. Acute inflammation as a result of normal exercise is a very
Sprint training for long distance runners
“IF YOU LEARN TO RUN LIKE A SPRINTER, YOU’LL BE A GREAT DISTANCE RUNNER” Sprints are a valuable supplement to a distance runner’s training regime, and for many elite distance running groups (especially in East Africa) they have become a staple part of training throughout the season. Sprint (pure speed)

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