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Ingrid Kristiansen

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Ingrid Kristiansen training
1986 (aged 29-30), Ingrid’s monthly training volume (in hours) and zone distribution for the year she broken world records over both the 5000m, and 10,000m distance. DATA FROM ESPEN TØNNESSEN
  • Began training as a cross-country skier at the age of 12, and was an 8x national champion. She attributes her skiing background to developing a really strong aerobic system from early on.
  • During winter months in Norway she embraced the snowy conditions and would spend a large portion of her training skiing as well as indoors on a treadmill (sometimes running upwards of 2hrs indoors).
  • During summer she her peak weekly mileage would be between 110-120 miles including 3 scheduled sessions.
  • She trained with a heart rate monitor for ‘zone training’ which was less known in the 80’s.
  • She regards competing in various distances from 3000m up to the marathon, and competing on various surfaces to have helped her to develop great ability while simultaneously enjoying training and racing.
  • Personal bests include: 3000m – 8:34.10, 5000m – 14:37.33, 10,000m – 30:13.74, Half Marathon – 1:06:40, Marathon – 2:21:06 (all-athletics)
  • Broken 10 world records in her career from distances 5000m – marathon

“I think the key is to have fun both during your training before the marathons and of course having fun during the race”

Ingrid Kristiansen’s Training leading up to her 1985 world record over marathon distance

1986 Training: