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Steve Magness

BROWSE ALL +65 ATHLETES / Steve Magness

Steve Magness is renowned coach & author, and a figure which has largely influenced our own practice. He readily shares knowledge and insight with the public through forums such as his 2 websites: scienceofrunning.com & his old and original website magstraining.tripod.com (relatively low-key & great).  Check out His and Brad Stulberg’s Peak Performance newsletter achieve which makes for some great short reading! This is build-up to their ‘Peak Performance’ book.

This is Steve Magness’ High School training log.

Finishing high school with a 4:01.02 PR made him the fastest American high schooler in 2003. He has discussed his circumstances and commented on the context of his training on various forums, which we’d recommend viewers to explore – especially since this high school PR would bet he fastest he’d ever run.

Further insight into Steve Magness’ High School Training:


A variety of Steve Magness slide show presentations: