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Taoufik Makhloufi

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Taoufik Makhloufi is an Algerian 800m and 1500m athlete who’s won 3 Olympic medals (1 gold and 2 silvers) between the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Taoufik is a very versatile middle distance runner, with incredible dual ability across both the 800m and 1500m events. His personal bests can be found below.

Personal bests:

800m     1:42.61  (2016) in the Olympic Games final
1000m   2:13.08  (2015)
1500m   3:28.75  (2015)
Mile       3:52.16 (2014)

Taoufik Makhloufi training: An example week of Makhloufi’s in season (race preparation) training

>> AM – 30min jog with 10x100m and S&C (strength and conditioning)
>> PM – 45min easy

>> AM – 30min easy + 6 strides
>> PM – 3x(3x500m) in 69sec, rest = 2min between reps, 8min between sets

>> AM – REST
>> PM – 40min jog

>> AM – 30min easy with drills and S&C
>> PM – 40min easy + strides

>> AM – 30min easy + 6xstrides
>> PM – 2x(4x250m) in 32sec, rest = 75sec between reps, 6min between sets

>> AM – 40min easy + short fartlek: 6x(30sec on / 30sec off)
>> PM – REST

>> AM – 50min easy
>> PM – REST

Insight into Taoufik Makhloufi’s training
  • His base training follows a similar weekly structure, but sessions would change, and his long run would be 60-70min.
  • Training volume / mileage = in base period he runs around 100km (62miles) per week. This slightly drops to 85-95km in race preparatory phase, and drops a bit lower in the week of an important race. He doesn’t play too much detail to his training volume as it’s reported that he doesn’t find it important for his training.
  • Long run = his long runs are very modest in distance comparison to most American elites. His longest runs will max out at around 70min between the months of Feb and April, and then remain around 60min for the rest of the non-racing season, before dipping to just 45min during competitive racing. These runs are at jogging pace, and can reach as slow as 6min/km
  • Tempo / threshold training = not a big part of his his training, he uses farlek’s periodically during with emphasis during based phase (Feb – May) when improving his endurance. An example session includes: 10 x (2mins hard, 2mins rest)
  • Additional training = lots of strides (3-5 times per week), regular hill sprint session (usually once a week) throughout season, 2 strength and conditions sessions per week with majority at high weight low reps ranges, receives regular massages
  • Speed endurance workouts play an integral part in his training program
An impressive session

Perhaps one of Taoufik Makhloufi’s most insane track session came when he ran a set of mixed intervals 10 days before running a 2.13 1000m race in Nancy. His exact session was as follows: 800m in 1:44.45 (10min rest), 500m in 64.75 (4min rest), 400m in 52.59 (2min rest), and 300m in 39.2. The video below is a recording of the mentioned session, and reveals a relaxed Taoufik speed through each interval. As his then physiotherapist, Evan Scully mentions, he might look like he isn’t hurting because he’s learnt run relaxed in the arms and face. But after finishing his final rep, he couldn’t move for 30min.