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AMY (South Africa): Trail Runner

In 2018 I decided to enter the Sanlam Cape Town Peace Trail Run.  This 22km race was my longest yet, and I wanted (needed) professional help to reach this goal.  So I signed up with running coach, Jonathan Black. He was friendly, professional and well informed from the start – also quite affordable.

He developed a weekly training plan, with my input, which allowed for flexibility. It felt very much like a team effort, as he would always check in after every run to see how it went. I enjoyed that he incorporated the social groups I had already been running with into our training.  And that I hardly seemed to notice my progression, as he manageably increased the distance, speed and my running goals every week. His training also gave me a more focused approach to my running – especially because we varied the types of runs I did. Using apps like Strava and online schedules also made our communication and tracking easy, even though I joked that he was like the “Eye of Sauron” always watching my runs from afar!

On race day I was nervous but also confident as I had run part of the route during training.  I was very pleased with my time and still felt fairly strong at the end – a testament to my training and solid preparation.  I would definitely recommend using Jono’s coaching services, as I was thrilled with the result and achieved my goal. And I look forward to training with him for future races.