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ELIE (Switzerland): ultra-runner

As a masters athlete who has read much of the endurance training literature, I never really felt the need for a coach until my performances started declining in a way aging alone could not explain. I eventually challenged my assumptions, did some research until I got in touch with Jonathan. His expertise and know-how were immediately apparent, so was his individualized approach to coaching as he took the time to analyse my running history in detail before he built a training plan. The additional challenge is that I have a very demanding and sometimes unpredictable work schedule, which means he has had to constantly adapt my training based on an ongoing two-way dialogue which also incorporated my response to various training stimuli. Thanks to Jonathan I am gradually getting into the best shape I have been in years and looking forward to the future, with the confidence that I am still able to run long distances at a decent pace. This is the best value you will find in the coaching industry!