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Useful Documents & Links

The Methods of Renato Canova
British Milers Club Journal
Renato Canova Sample Schedule
Training Wisdom of John Kellogg. By Runningwritings
Coaching Middle-Distance and Distance Runners Science or Art? By Vin Lananna
Middle Distance Racing By Lee LaBadie
6 Weeks training log of a Kenyan junior group
Galen Rupp and Shannon Rowbury medication + supplements list (included only for interest sake)
How they train (1959) by Fred Wilt


A variety of Steve Magness slide show presentations

Looking into training stress loads of a 29:04 10km runner – how frequently does he feel good during training and how does he distribute is effort between days.

The ‘no pain, no gain myth‘  “[successful runners]Know what the purpose of each workout is and know when to use the ‘no pain no gain attitude’ and when to shut it off, listen to their body, and do what is called for.”

Why our champions are getting older: David Epstein – Epstein attempts to regain the upper body strength he had as a college student, some good few years ago. This brings him to question how certain athlete’s his age continue to be the best in the world, while others not.

Active vs passive mechanics – Magness discusses the (often overlooked) contribution of non-energy requiring muscle/tendon elasticity to running biomechanics and efficiency.

Ryan Hall, a 2:04:58 marathoner turned body builder reviews his health in the midst of his running career – “he was ‘healthy’ only in a narrowly defined way”

Boris Borain letter to my future self – regressing on his past: working at McDonalds, college dropout, late nights training… And then making US Olympics team, Boris reminds himself of the hard-fought journey.

Peak-end rule: the psychology behind an improved customer experience – this quick read discusses how humans evaluate an experience to find a conclusion. Although this article refers to holidays or restaurant trips, one can understand it applicability in a coaching session.

A running conversation with Malcolm Gladwell – once a Canadian national HS 1500m champ, Gladwell talks about his own running and weighs in to current trends in the sport.

3 fastest marathons splits under infographical review -some eye candy for marathon analytics

Why is everyone still so confused about lactate

Chose long-term growth over short-term pleasure – a quick and easy read regarding decision making


http://www.scienceofrunning.com/ – Coach Steve Magness’ blog
http://magstraining.tripod.com/ – Magness’ original blog
https://sportsscientists.com/ – Sport Scientist Ross Tucker’s site and published articles/work
http://www.letsrun.com/ – One of it’s own running message board and forum site
http://www.track-stats.com/ – athletics infographics and statistics
https://fancybear.net/ – athletes TUES (theraputic use exemptions) revealed


Malcolm Gladwell – Why do some succeed where others fail?

The Aspen Institute hosts author David Epstein and 12-time Olympic swimming Medalist Dara Torres

Cover topics like: mastery in sport, individualist training, and genes corresponding to high performance.

Why you will fail to have a great career – Larry Smith

Everyone wants a great career, yet so few actually achieve it. ‘Good careers’ are growing in scarcity. The reality being, if you settle below a great career, you’ll fall beneath a good career. “Passion is your greatest love, passion is the thing that will help you created the highest expression of your talent”

Sport Scientist Ross Tucker endurance running TEDx talk

Speaks about how the human body is unique in it’s ability to run long distances so well, compared to other animals. He also refers to particular key traits which facilitate this ability, and notes how running has been part of our evolution.

Andy Murray (Tennis) fitness training

Below is a compilation of Murray’s fitness and strength work. Learning from other sports is a great practice of your understanding of sport specific training. Conditioning training is essentially about problem solving. And often we can relate and learn of this process very well from from looking into the details of a sport like tennis, despite the apparent differences between running and tennis.

Roger Federer (Tennis) training

Here’s another tennis video. Tennis is great for sparking creativity in running training (particularly drills, gym work etc). This video of Federer follows a session of his starting with some functional coordination drills and leads into a tennis skills practice. Notice the fine details in how his team go about about structuring and initiating the session.

What can we learn from expertise. A short must view video for especially coaches!

“There is nothing to be learned about tennis, from talking to top tennis players about tennis”. This video goes against the grain by suggesting that too often we overestimate what we can learn from someone who’s mastered a particular skill. Their mastery relies on unconscious reasoning and instinct, or intuition. “They don’t have access to why they do the things that they’re doing, they just do them, and do them brilliantly and really well”. This intelligence might allow for perfect execution, but doesn’t necessarily mean that this person can successfully teach someone else that skill.

David Epstein
Author of The Sports Gene, which we highly recommend, discusses trends in sport performance.

Short-film: Powers of Ten

“A film dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero”. Putting the size of matter into perspective.

Julius Yego

The Kenyan javelin thrower who learnt to through by watching YouTube videos

Winning vs Succeeding

Dave Wottle Pacing

Dave Wottle: A perfect (although extreme) example of running ones own race. To the extent of competing in a golf cap… Tactical pacing in an event like the 800m can come down to circumstantial anticipation and intuition, deciding the means and extent to which you’ll adapt to the environment.

Famous Steve Jobs speech

Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City) motivation video

Complication of Malcolm Gladwell rules

Lewis Pugh on swimming a lake on Mt. Everest