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"I constantly remind myself that resting takes confidence. Anyone can train like a mad man, but to embrace rest and to allow all the hard training to come out takes mental strength." - Ryan Hall 

"Everyday, runners seek instant improvement and subscribe to get-fit-quick approaches to training that guarantee they'll be in the best shape of their life in 10 weeks or less. Sorry folks, but it just doesn't work that way in distance running." - Alberto Salazar

"You have to remember that no athlete at any level - whether that is a high schooler or an olympian - figured it out overnight, and your are not going to be the exception" - Jenny Simpson











Although an oversimplification and artificial table, it does give a good general idea of the layers of training needs for an endurance athlete.

Sport Science

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Birth-order position of the most recent men’s 100m world record holders

1. Usain Bolt (2nd of 3 children)
2. Asafa Powell (sixth of sixth)
3. Justin Gatlin (fourth of four)
4. Maurice Greene (fourth of four)
5. Donovan Bailey (third of three)
6. Leroy Burrell (fourth of five)
7. Carl Lewis (third of four)
8. Burrell (fourth of five)
9. Lewis (third of four)
10. Calvin Smith (sixth of eight)
average = 4 in families with 4.6 children

2 key underlining factors are likely to contribute to such pattern:
- Primal cues
- Later children given an advantage as testosterone increases with each birth


Athletic Lifestyle


Coach Colm O'Connell on David Rudisha's training:
In the morning before a track workout I see him in the house and ask him: 'How do you feel today?' If he tells me he doesn't feel really well or if he indicates to me, even directly, he is not ready, we would skip the session and go on the roads instead - a fartlek or light training." 
Seb Coe on modern culture:
"I worry we have a generation that thinks those 10 minutes on a Saturday night are what it's about. What do you say in the light of the 10-minute culture? How do explain that it may take years of training to reach one's full potential? That is the challenge."