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Get to know about our online coaching here!

Online coaching is a remote way of using our trusted help to enhance your running potential in a supported environment.

We plan, monitor and guide your training using an online platform, while offering any other assistance that is needed along the way.

We cater for all levels of ability across all terrains; whether it be on the road, trail or track. Our approach is centred around your unique individual needs and goals while guide by good training principles and knowledge. Get to know more about our coaching service below.

What do you get?


It is well known that we all respond differently to training and a training plan needs to reflect that. At Running Science, we take time to get to know our athletes. We learn about their individual characteristics such as training history, injury history, strengths and weaknesses and then incorporate these factors into a plan.


Aside from individualising training, we believe that it's important for an athlete to train according to a personalised approach that is realistic to their lifestyle, family, work, or anything that is important or may impact training. We deal with the human first, the athlete second.


Regardless of your ability - whether you're wanting to finish your first 10km, or win your first 10km, our mission is to help you achieve what matters to you. Part of our way of helping you do so is through what we call a high performance approach - meaning, we appreciate all aspects that make-up performance: injury prevention, mindset, goal-setting etc. This approach doesn't look for quick fixes, but rather continuous and sustainable improvement.


As a coach, we monitor our athlete's training via an online platform in accordance with an online training diary they keep. We follow-up with athletes before/after key training sessions and are available for them when they have feedback or questions. Staying in the loop with our athletes is an important way we can advise and adjust training along the way. We send our athletes their training on a week-to-week basis, which is line with their weeks availability as well as our long-term plan.


Our coaching philosophies:

  • Consistency
  • Build and maintain
  • Train the athlete as an individual
  • Modulation, variation, and balance
  • Do what works, do what matters
  • Enjoyment and improvement are synonymous

How it works:

  • Our coaching aims to keep things as personalized as possible for you. Firstly, this means getting to know you as an athlete and a person so that we can understand what sort of training will work best for you. We will ask you some questions to get a thorough understanding of your training history, goals and lifestyle.  Being personalized is not just about the training we do, but also about ensuring that it fits into your lifestyle in a seamless manner.
  • Once this has been done, you will be sent your initial training plan which will also include information on things such as running terminology that we’ll use in training, warm up and strength exercises. 
  • Going forward, your runs will be monitored on Strava (or any other training app that you use) and your training schedule will be updated on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. This allows us to provide training that takes into account your most recent training performances and feedback, rather than simply sending you a month or more of training at a time. 
  • We will be available via Whatsapp or email to offer support in whatever form you need it – whether it be for motivation, accountability, answering questions or to give you some feedback.  Communication is a key aspect of our process and we believe that it adds a huge amount of value to training, rather than simply receiving a training program. 
  • Your training plan is always something that can be adjusted and tweaked as required. We know that life often gets in the way of things, so it’s important to be able to adjust and adapt training in a way that makes sense when things don’t go according to plan. 


For our comprehensive coaching package the fee is R750 per month ($50). This is all inclusive and on a month-to-month basis


"As a masters athlete who has read much of the endurance training literature, I never really felt the need for a coach until my performances started declining in a way aging alone could not explain. I eventually challenged my assumptions, did some research until I got in touch with Running Science. Jono's expertise and know-how were immediately apparent, so was his individualised approach to coaching as he took the time to analyse my running history in detail before he built a training plan. This is the best value you will find in the coaching industry!"

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"Jono is a patient and supportive coach who uses a science-based approach to his training.  He doesn't prescribe runs merely for the sake of adding mileage, rather each workout has a specific purpose.  The training plan is catered to my specific needs and how much time I have available to train.  Originally wanting a coach to improve my performances, I had a bad fall while running a few months into being coached by Jono.  It has been a long road to recovery, and Jono has been there to support and guide me through each step - even when I'm quite grumpy!  A good coach-athlete relationship becomes so much more than race performances.  It provides benefits to many aspects of your life, and I'm thankful to have Jono as a coach and friend."

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For pricing, queries or to set-up a consultation kindly reach out to us below.