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Our Training Philosophies

We’d like to share with you a few of our most fundamental training philosophies. These philosophies serve as the back-bone for the decisions that we as coaches make in helping an athlete improve their craft and get as much out of their training as possible. We believe that these training philosophies are the cornerstone for meaningful work; they outline the most important aspects of focus that create an optimal training environment.

Manipulate stress to produce maximal adaptation and improvement

Looking at stress in a holistic manner as life and training are not two separate entities.


Improvement comes from weeks and months of good training, not the occasional hard effort.

Build and maintain

Training aims to focus on certain attributes at different times in a training cycle, but must still maintain the aspects that are not being emphasized.

Train the athlete as an individual

Athletes physiologically and psychologically respond differently to stressors, and the accumulation of a week, month, or season’s worth of stress. The process of training can only be optimal if training is individualized to athlete’s needs.

Modulation, variation, and balance

Utilizing a wide range of workouts and intensities to provide the intended stimulus in a complementary manner.

Do what works, do what matters

Focus on the things that are effective, meaningful, and lead to improvement.

Enjoyment and improvement are synonymous

It is easier to train hard when training is enjoyable, and training is more enjoyable when you’re improving.

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