It is well known that we all respond differently to training and a training plan needs to reflect that. We aim to interpret an individual’s characteristics and requirements, and build this understanding into a plan that enhances an athlete’s fitness. We don’t look for quick fixes, but rather continuous and sustainable improvement.


We create a periodized training process that helps you get the most out of your work. We focus on smaller goals relating to the process of improvement, allowing the athlete to see and understand their progression as it happens.


We don’t offer generic ‘packages’, instead, we see to our athletes on an individual needs basis and coach accordingly. We accommodate for athletes across the 3 disciplines of track, road, and trail, be it at an elite or beginner level. We also cater to international athletes outside the borders of South Africa.


We take complex ideas and translate them into practical training applications. This is done through a multi-dimensional approach; using knowledge, experience, research, athlete feedback, data analysis and everything in between.​


Our focus is to create a training experience that is interactive with the athlete. This means using feedback as a primary tool for monitoring how an athlete is responding to different types of training, and as a cue for making appropriate adjustments. This process is crucial in order to maximize improvement and minimize injuries and other issues, since the specific response to a certain training stimulus can vary quite significantly between different types of runners​.


Manipulate stress to produce maximal adaptation and improvement

Looking at stress in a holistic manner as life and training are not two separate entities.

Build & maintain

Training aims to focus on certain attributes at different times in a training cycle, but must still maintain the aspects that are not being emphasized.

Modulation, variation, and balance

Utilizing a wide range of workouts and intensities to provide the intended stimulus in a complementary manner.


Improvement comes from weeks and months of good training, not the occasional hard effort

Train the athlete as an individual

Athletes physiologically and psychologically respond differently to stressors, and the accumulation of a week, month, or season's worth of stress. The process of training can only be optimal if training is individualized to an athlete's needs.

Do what works, do what matters​

Focus on the things that are effective, meaningful, and lead to improvement

Enjoyment and improvement are synonymous​

It is easier to train hard when training is enjoyable, and training is more enjoyable when you’re improving

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