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Abel Kirui

Abel Kirui
Photo: Emory Mort, Abel Kirui’s training camp room

Abel Kirui Training: Abel is a Kenyan long distance runner coached by Renato Canova. Abel first began running seriously, after showing promise winning a recruitment race for police administration. Thereafter he was selected as a pacemaker for the Berlin marathon. Despite pacing the winners, Abel finished a respectable 9th over the 42.2km distance and has had a magnificent marathon career ever since.

As a child, Abel was very active, which he believes was an important factor in helping his success as a senior athlete. “I used to run in a group for a couple of hours and then… kaput. We were completely tired. We then found some running water to drink and eat guava for something in our stomach. Looking back, it provided a very good fitness background for my future running career.”

Kirui trains with fellow NN running team mate and marathon extraordinaire, Eliud Kipchoge. He describes Eliud as smart, organized and disciplined. “If he says dinner is at 7pm, dinner will be at 7pm. If it is time for sleeping, it is time for sleeping. He is always on time.” He further mentions that Eliud is the first in the gym in the mornings. For these reasons, Abel is inspired to spend training camps alongside Kipchoge.

Abel has achieved great success over the marathon distance, having placed 2nd at the 2012 London Olympic Marathon, and having won back-to-back marathon World Championships. Below, is Abel Kirui’s marathon training leading when he successfully defended his Marathon World Championship title in 2011.

Abel Kirui Training:

Credit: Renato Canova

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Abel Kirui’s Personal Bests

10,000m: 28:16.86 (2008)
Half Marathon: 1:00:11 (2007)
Marathon: 2:05:04 (2009)

Abel Kirui training