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Steve Jones



October 1984:



Monday 1st

8 miles in the rain, Park City, Utah.

8miles, a bit swifter than this morning. Pulse at 11.30am: 51. Finding that I am plodding but I can’t go any faster.

Tuesday 2nd

7miles including 4 x 5mins (90secs recovery)

8miles steady, not too bad and relaxed.

Wednesday 3rd

8miles steady. Still tired not getting much sleep. Stomach still sore (stitch). So, so tired; feel really wiped out all the time (pulse rate 51). Only session today.


Thursday 4th


8miles with 8 x 3mins (90 secs recovery). Hard session. Only session today.

Friday 5th

14miles steady. Felt quite good. Did it in 90mins.


Saturday 6th

10miles including 16 x 1min (1min recovery) but can’t tell if I am moving fast because it is so hard.

8miles nice and steady feeling better now. I hope it’s going to stay with me. Don’t feel so worn out but still can’t sleep very well.

Sunday 7th

16miles on my own. Went okay for 7000feet altitude so I can’t complain


Monday 8th

10miles with 8 x 3mins (with 90secs recovery). Good session but it’s still hard to tell if I’m running fast.


Tuesday 9th

14miles, legs felt tired and weary. Did a little swimming after then had a Jacuzzi.

4miles before tea, not too bad.

Wednesday 10th

8miles gentle, still feel weary, hope it doesn’t last. I can’t understand it.

6miles steady and don’t really feel too bad now.

Thursday 11th

10miles with 12 x 2min ( 1minute​​ recovery). Good hard session, still not satisfied.

Just did 6miles, nice and gentle. Feel​​ like I am working hard but not running very fast.

Friday 12th

10miles steady. Not too bad. Wet, windy and snowy.


Saturday 13th

15km road race in El Paso. 2nd to Carlos Lopes. 43mins 29secs. Went okay.


Sunday 14th

A good 18miles in 2hours 20mins, quite hard, not fast but most of it at 8000-9000 feet. Legs were feeling tired from yesterday’s race. Pulse at 4pm: 42


Monday 15th

10miles gentle pace, not too bad but cold and snowy.

8miles steady, very very cold, in snowstorm. Pulse at 11pm: 60.

Tuesday 16th

10miles including 10 x 2minutes with 1minute recovery, not eyeballs out, just good strides, cold and snowy.

5miles steady, felt bloody knackered. Pulse at 7pm: 62

Wednesday 17th

45minutes steady, not too bad but a bit stiff. Flew to Chicago.


Thursday 18th

Another 40minutes steady, very wet and windy. Not too bad but still a little stiff.


Friday 19th

40minutes again, legs sore, chest heavy, confidence seeping away (must have a race soon).


Saturday 20th

Did about 4miles or so, legs not sore today. Come on tomorrow. Getting nervous.


Sunday 21st

Chicago Marathon. World Best – 2hours 08 mins 05secs.


Monday 22nd

Did not train


Tuesday 23rd

Did not train


Wednesday 24th

Did not train


Thursday 25th

3 to 4 miles.