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Momentum is a big aspect of training success; good workouts often build the confidence for other good workouts, and we regularly find that when we’re able to sustain this sort of momentum for an extended period of time, we see a big improvement in our fitness.

The key is to find ways to ‘keep the ball rolling’ and sustain this sort of momentum as much as possible – but how do we do this?

Tips on how to sustain momentum:
– Keep workouts hard but sustainable so that your efforts are repeatable a few days later
– Be great at being consistent, rather than aiming to be great on the odd occasion (consistency breeds consistency)
– Avoid things that will break your momentum such as a lack of recovery or putting too much stress on your body

During periods when you’re struggling for momentum in your training, focus on rebuilding your consistency through slightly more manageable workouts. Allow yourself to rebuild confidence and consistency to get back into that state of momentum.

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