Easy running

The Art of the Easy Run

“Well that wasn’t exactly easy” “A not-so-easy run” “Meant to be easy, but got a bit carried away” These are all phrases I’ve seen time and time again on my Twitter and Strava feeds; easy runs that turned out to be a lot harder than intended.  It’s a common occurrence.
Ice bathing for runners

Re-evaluating Ice Bathing

The goal of ice bathing is to reduce the inflammation following a workout, which is typically viewed as a means to ‘enhance’ recovery. However, just because it can be effective doesn’t mean that it should be used in all situations. Acute inflammation as a result of normal exercise is a very
Sprint training for long distance runners
“IF YOU LEARN TO RUN LIKE A SPRINTER, YOU’LL BE A GREAT DISTANCE RUNNER” Sprints are a valuable supplement to a distance runner’s training regime, and for many elite distance running groups (especially in East Africa) they have become a staple part of training throughout the season. Sprint (pure speed)