THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING Yeah, you read that right. You’ve probably read a hundred pieces on positive thinking and its benefits, particularly in terms of racing and training. And I’m not here to bash that at all. I’m certainly an advocate of positive self-talk, self-belief, visualization and all of
A few years ago one of our coaches, Jonathan, experienced one of his most memorable journeys yet. Here are a few of his thoughts from the experience and some lessons that he took away from it all: In June of 2015, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Iten,
Below is a simple chart illustrating a random statistic with its independent and dependent variables marked respectively on the x and y-axis. The particular statistic is unknown and irrelevant for our purposes. What a simple chart like this (and many others like it) can show, is the need to individualise.

Our Training Philosophies

We’d like to share with you a few of our most fundamental training philosophies. These philosophies serve as the back-bone for the decisions that we as coaches make in helping an athlete improve their craft and get as much out of their training as possible. We believe that these training philosophies
Cerebral oxygenation running kenya
The Kalenjin, who occupy much of the Rift Valley, are Kenya’s third largest tribe. Despite only making up approximately 12% of Kenya’s population, they represent more than 75% of their country’s top runners. If you think Kenyan running couldn’t be more impressive, think Kalenjin running. “To put Kalenjin running success