We live in a world where we are overloaded with information about the training of those around us – apps like Strava and social media have made sharing one’s training such a widespread phenomenon. And this makes it so easy to see what someone else has done and think “that’s
The Sunday long run. Track Tuesday.  These are probably things you’ve seen or done countless times as a runner.  It’s a pretty common sight in training plans – certain days of the week are allocated to a specific type of workout, and this cycle is repeated every 7 days. But


TRAIN, DON’T STRAIN I first discovered running’s biggest paradox the year after graduating high school. As a fully committed track runner aspiring to make a name for myself on the national circuit, I’d come to terms with what came with the job – early mornings, tough training and living the training
THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING Yeah, you read that right. You’ve probably read a hundred pieces on positive thinking and its benefits, particularly in terms of racing and training. And I’m not here to bash that at all. I’m certainly an advocate of positive self-talk, self-belief, visualization and all of
A few years ago one of our coaches, Jonathan, experienced one of his most memorable journeys yet. Here are a few of his thoughts from the experience and some lessons that he took away from it all: In June of 2015, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Iten,